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Coat & Luggage

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    Custom Wall Mounted Coat Rack
  • F9e220c0c3e5e5c20b366904cb169313749e64af_lg
    Linear Pot Rack
  • F34ed31d5a7e93a2b42d8ec1aa0a97a8435e0132_lg
    Luggage Rack
  • 130baaf49b9b91f9b0c2e66dcdc9323fa9b93b7b_lg
    Brass Train (Luggage) Rack
  • 6ab8e61599091528809b15f8be62a3404f87ee71_lg
    Luggage Rack with Five Brass Hooks
  • 7461539664d7bef0cda18e84818a6fd57983a51a_lg
    Mahogany Coat Rack
  • 1848312f18601f3a9e85a1efe4a6cb0a3f9b3129_lg
    Double Mahogany Coat Rack
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•Custom coat racks
•Linear Pot Rack
•Made to specifications
•Any finish (plating) available

Ann-Morris produces a selection of new custom coat racks, baggage racks and what Ann-Morris calls, the "Train Rack."

Please inquire for custom metals work and design.
• Plating:
Polished Nickel
Antique Brass
Oxidized Nickel
Brushed Nickel
Statuary Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze